NRI Legal Support

Our novel, proficient and skilled treatment of separation and revocation cases identified with NRI over 10 years has settled on as a characteristic decision for speaking to NRI separate cases in India.

Our one of a kind NRI legitimate bolster administrations s now incorporate after extra administration’s close to suiting and portrayal in India. They are as under:

Administration of Summons in India according to Hague Convention. India is a signatory to Hague Convention.

Lawful Support to remote Individuals, Attorneys and legal advisors including Indian Divorce and Family Law.

Master Legal Opinion on Divorce, Annulment, Alimony, and monetary settlement to US Attorneys, Law Firms, and Individuals.

Master Legal assessment on Divorce and Family Law alongside status to show up face to face or through video gathering as an Expert observer in Foreign Courts including the struggle of Indian and remote Laws.


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